2D acoustic tiles

This versatile paneling can be used for anything from screens to art decorations.

Whatever you choose to use it for it will serve more than one purpose; its acoustic properties greatly improve focus and concentration. When decorating a dull room, its ability to be made into so many different things, means it can be tailored to suit many different styles and applications . With a variety of 12 shapes, you can be sure to find the right design for your needs.


  • 12mm – 0.4 NRC Sound absorption
  • 24mm – 0.8 NRC Sound absorption
  • Group 1-S [MBIE C/VM2 table A1]. Extensive fire testing has been performed, this includes retardant standards: US ASTM084 A level and EN 13501 [B-S1]
  • 100% Non woven polyester PET Fiber

The following thicknesses are available:

  • 12mm
  • 24mm
  • 36mm

Combining the above thicknesses creates an interesting 3D effect