Aurora Acoustic Lights

Light and breezy, acoustic Lights.
Manufactured from 100% recyclable PET fiber these lights are a green friendly alternative to standard lamp shades. They minimise noise and distraction in the office, while maintaining a sense of light and openness. This fixture not only quietens your office but adds serenity and beauty.

  • Sound absorbing 100% Non woven polyester (PET) Fiber
  • Fixing point solid timber
  • Electrics and bulb not included

  • Poise Lamp, 860mm Diameter x 550mm High
  • Poise Double Lamp, 860mm Wide x 1720mm Long
  • Wisper Lamp, 400mm Diameter x 400mm High


  • Decorative Art forms, Sound Reduction in high ceiling spaces, over receptions and counter tops


  • Only available in Light/Dark Grey
  • Light grey to inside & dark grey to outside