Cocoon 48

Cocoon 48 is our team activity-based meeting room. This is specifically designed for privacy in an open plan office environment. It can be customized to suit the diverse needs of many modern-day offices.

The Cocoon 48 system is both a design feature for your office as well as being a functional acoustic sound barrier and provides an NRC rating of .70. Further privacy can be obtained in open plan situations by adding glass doors and sound masking options for complete discretion. Cocoon 48 may also be used as a sound absorbent partition system due to the steel internal frame. This allows monitors and desks, doorways and windows to be added as desired

  • Modular design allows for easy relocation and re-configuring.
  • Constructed from double layer P.E.T. acoustic cladding with an air gap in-between for extra sound proofing.
  • Strong steel structure
  • Demountable LED lighting bulkhead
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating 0.7
  • Unique demountable locating system for sides and roof for rapid assembly
  • Can be customized to suit sitting or standing meeting areas
  • Many sizes and shapes available.
  • Ergonomic saw-tooth soft seating design
  • In built tabletop with durable Melteca LPL surface and steel leg (optional timber leg)


  • 48mm Thick structural panel with steel inner frame and mounting substrate at table level
  • Solid core mounting for work surface connection
  • 2 person – 900mm Deep x 2250mm Wide
  • 4 person – 1800mm Deep x 2250mm Wide
  • 6 Person – 2700mm Deep x 2250mm Wide
  • 2500mm High to top of pitch


  • Velcro receptive, forum fabric option, for extra acoustic value. Other fabric colors available for inner and outer walls.
  • 12 E-Panel colour options
  • Available in customized configurations to meet the needs of any business
  • All standard commercial Melteca colors available for the tabletop
  • Whiteboard option to back wall
  • Desk top soft wiring option
  • LCD TV wall mounting option
  • Internal access to cabling in walls
  • Open slatted roof option for natural ventilation
  • design, up to 800mmHigh and on steel glides
  • Alternative fabric options
  • Glass Doors to front to increase sound proofing
  • Option for above back upholstered panels for extra sound absorption and/or accented colors
  • Electronic sound masking for confidential conversations