Headland Planter

Manufactured from 8mm powder coated steel rods, and with matt black planter pots, this fixture is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing.

Suited for real plants with fully sealed pots. Our planters are the perfect backdrop to your reception area or dividing different zones throughout your workspace. Bring the outdoors inside with this stylish and innovative option. Tell us your size requirements, and we can manufacture to suit your space.

Application – A green alternative to office dividers, Feature walls and office décor dividers between two spaces in an open area.

  • Strong powder coated steel construction
  • Completely customisable to suit your space
  • Can be priced with imitation plants
  • Easy upkeep and cleaning


  • 800mmLong
  • 1200mmLong
  • 1600mmLong
  • 2000mmLong


  • 1200mmHigh
  • 2400mmHigh


  • 205mmWide floor mounted
  • 350mmWide with plywood planter base


  • 180mmDiameter x 186mmHigh
  • Available in black and white

Planter Types

  • Boxed Planter
  • Floor to Ceiling, fixed to the floor
  • Ceiling hung
  • Floor Mount (as shown), fixed to floor

Planter box:

  • Deep black stained plywood

Options for planter:

  • Lacquer
  • Natural Plywood
  • Steel


  • Powder coated steel,
  • Black, White.