Stratus Acoustic Clouds

Stratus Acoustic Clouds.
Manufactured from 12mm E-Panel, with a 0.4NRC sound absorption rating, minimizing noise and distraction the office, while maintaining a sense of light and openness. This fixture quietens your office reverberations, while adding serenity and beauty as well.

  • Blades made from 12mm 100% Non woven Polyester PET Fibre
  • 0.4 NRC Rating
  • Solid ash timber Dowels on the Rhythm Cloud
  • Available in 12 popular colours
  • Moisture and stain resistant


  • 1800mm Long x 900mm Wide
  • 2400mm Long x 1200mm Wide


  • 1400mm Diameter x 330mm High

Baffles and clouds are utilised in areas where light weight ceiling décor is essential, as well as where noise reduction is required.